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My Suburbia: a photo essay

I couldn’t be more of a suburban white girl even if I tried. I’m afraid of public transportation. I’m 21 and I still see my pediatrician. My housekeeper has known me since before… Continue reading

Keep calm and InDesign on

Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere, Lightroom and InDesign are kind of like the flu shot; you know getting it will be better in the long run, but sometimes the pain just isn’t worth it. Side… Continue reading

Three Keys to Fashion PR

My mother used to lock her jewelry box, hide the costumes and put her shoes up high. I’ve always been obsessed with what I’m wearing, how I look and what’s in style. I… Continue reading

The Newseum: Heaven for PR Students

Clean and crisp decor, the quiet hum of “oohs” and “aahs” and the staircase that literally leads to heaven, the Newseum is like a playground of inspiration for PR students. My first moment… Continue reading

Ethical dilemmas of diversity and race for journalists

Diversity has always been a conversation among media professionals. To be ethical, journalists must be considerate of titles, biases and accuracy. These issues are even more important with today’s use of social media.… Continue reading

LinkedIn and social media for the new professional

LinkedIn is the new resume, blogs are the new portfolios and social media is the new way of advertising. Success depends on one’s presence in these areas and without the proper knowledge on… Continue reading

A guide to the perfect profile

The WSJ format begins with a soft lead and then includes a specific and general nut. After this, there are back-up points and developments to support the nuts. Finally, this format is finished… Continue reading

Companion Animals or BFFs?

For my entire life I have had pets. In 1st grade my family bought the class rabbit when it was for sale, we named her Thumper. In 3rd grade my father brought home… Continue reading