LinkedIn and social media for the new professional

LinkedIn is the new resume, blogs are the new portfolios and social media is the new way of advertising. Success depends on one’s presence in these areas and without the proper knowledge on how this new social media world works you may as well quit now.

What to say when you’re the only one to raise your hand…

Nothing, just quickly put it down. LinkedIn is the new network for professionals, and without a profile you’re basically irrelevant. Statistics show that over 39 million students and recent graduates are on LinkedIn. See? You really are the last one. We’re not saying you have no skills, we’re just saying no one has any proof they exist. Do us all a favor and visit and sign up yesterday.

Someday is not a day of the week

Someday I will make a LinkedIn, someday I will create an e-portfolio, someday I will find a career, bla, bla, bla. As embarrassing as it is, I am that one without a LinkedIn. The time has come to increase my online professional presence by creating an e-portfolio on and a profile on LinkedIn. This way I won’t be that pitiful friend moving back home after graduation. Nope, not me.

LinkedIn-less hopeless

So I may not be on the professional networking site but I’m all over Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. Which is exactly what Little Known Stories Production Company needs improvement on. They have accounts, so there’s that, but they could use some help gaining a social media following for their newest film: “Zoo.”

If the state considers me an adult it’s about time the career field does too.  Photo by: Talia Franco

If the state considers me an adult it’s about time the career field does too.
Photo by: Talia Franco

The game plan

On Little Known Stories PC’s Facebook page they have over 300 photos from one day of filming. I monitored the amount of “likes” on the photos and decided they were just too low. With my photography and Photoshop skills I plan to select ten photos, edit them to look professional and title them “Behind the Scenes,” to tease the viewers and gain more attention. I also plan to create personalized hash tags to use on Twitter and Instagram to raise awareness of the upcoming film. To see my social media management in action click here to follow Little Known Stories PC on Twitter.